Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Critter Trap!

Yip! What are you doing up there?

Mom, I've built a critter trap. Check it out!!

A critter trap huh? How does it work?

Well, the critter will grab onto the bait stick and then fall into the tire and be trapped!!

Yep, I think it's strong enough...let's check it one more time.

Back to the tree to wait on the critter!!

Here's a critter now.

That's not a critter...that's your sister!!

Be quiet Mom!! You'll scare it!! Look the other way so it won't get suspicious.

Come on critter....just a little closer....

You can do it critter...get in the trap, I mean the tire...come on.

What's a critter? And why are you up in that tree Yip?? Come play with me!

What's this tire doing on the ground? I thought this was a swing. And what's with this stick? It looks kind of tasty.

I'm not getting in that tire though!! It looks dangerous! I'm outta here. Where's the dog food? I'm hungry!

Better luck next time Yip. It looks like your critter got away.

No problem Mom. That stick just wasn't the right bait. Next time I'll just put dog food in that tire and I'll catch that critter for sure!  

*sigh*   Good Luck Son!  *sigh*

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