Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Kansas Dream House!!

Here is the plan for movng to Kansas; DR will tie up some loose ends at home and work here in Illinois and then get out to Kansas to start working around June 1st. The kids and I will wait here until he finds a place for us to live, and then we'll join him. Not much of a plan is it? Well, so far it has always worked for us!

DR and I have been cruising Kansas real estate sites online lately trying to get a feel for the real estate market out there. If you have never had to house hunt with a spouse.....then thank your lucky stars!! Even though DR and I have had to do this quite often, we still aren't good at looking for houses together. I know what I want and need, and he knows what he wants and thinks we need. We can never agree on where we want to live and I get tired of looking at houses pretty quick!

I don't ask for much in a house. Three bedrooms, a basement and a garage would be nice, a dishwasher (I don't have one now) and plenty of space outside for the kids to play and for a big garden. I have never asked for much in a house until................................................................................

..............I saw this house listing!

I have found my dream home!

A log cabin. I've always wanted to live in a log cabin!
This house is gorgeous! I'm just drooling at the description.

Built in 2002, the two story house has 6 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms with over 4,500 sq. feet!!

The Master bedroom is 15.5x21 and has a private balcony & loft.

The Living room is 30x25 with a huge stone fireplace.

The Kitchen is 20x27, (did I just read that right? Nice and big!) with stainless steel appliances...oooh!

The basement has over 2,000 sq. feet; that's bigger than the house I'm living in now!

All this approximately on 40 acres. Not sure what I'd do with 40 acres but I'd figure out something. (No goats or zuchinni!)

We won't even talk about the price tag of my dream home considering it's close a million dollars!! I love looking at houses...not the price tags :)

"What do you think honey....can we buy this one?"  (Hey....a girl can dream can't she? By the way, know anyone selling a house in Kansas?)

Alright, what would your dream house be? Where would it be? I'd love to hear!  

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  1. 5 bedrooms and seperate office, lots of open spaces, 3 full baths would be nice, a big open kitchen with lots of countertop space and cabinets, plenty of storage, master bath with jacuzzi... ok I'd better stop now!


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