Monday, May 10, 2010

Marker Monday - Buck Wilder Books

A while back I posted about a book I had read, Why Boys Fail and the falling literacy of boys everywhere. The author went on to cite the lack of books interesting to boys as part of the problem.

Lack of boy friendly books has definitely been a problem with Yip and Yap. A couple years ago we stumbled upon Buck Wilder books and the boys love them! Buck Wilder is a friendly woodsman who lives with a pet racoon in a tree house. He spends his days searching for clues and has adventures to solve animal problems in the woods. Some of his adventures include Who Stole the Animal Poop? and The Ants Dig to China. Buck Wilder explains the behaviors of animals and the balance of nature in humorous ways.

I know we have more Buck Wilder books around here somewhere other than just these three but of course the boys have them stashed somewhere.

Can't you imagine every little boy wanting to read a book about poop?

When I was growing up, my family camped every summer so I was especially excited to find The Small Twig's Hiking and Camping Guide by Buck Wilder.  Buck Wilder looks like Grizzly Adams to me!

The boys find the animal track and poop page especially interesting. They can read the animal names on their own now so who am I to complain that they are readng about poop?

The camping guide also highlights different parts of the country where you may want to camp and the sights you would expect to find. The Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Mountains, the Pacific Northwest are just a few of what can be found inside. There is also a guide about what essentals to pack for camping.

My guys and I love these books. The illustrations are entertaining and the content is fun to read while being educational. Some other Buck Wilder titles include;

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