Monday, May 31, 2010

Marker Monday - BEWARE!!! Haircuts!

When I started this blog I tried to designate Mondays' posts as a time to share some sort of an activity that other people could do with their kids or grandkids. I've posted art and science projects and games. Fun stuff.

I am not advocating that you should let your kid proceed with the following activity. Without your permission of course!! This is not for everyone but it works for us.

Yap has been asking for WEEKS if he could cut his hair. Not if I could cut his hair. He wanted to do it himself. So early one morning when I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere Yip and Yap went at it in the front yard.

Tentative at first. A little snip here.

A small snip there.

But pretty soon there was a full fledged barbershop in the front yard.

They took turns drawing blood from one another cutting each other's hair.

Look at the intensity. Wow! I don't think I'd let my sibling do that to me.

Kinda looks like they were attacked by lawnmowers doesn't it?

Ah well, it's just hair after'll grow back. Besides it's probably better that I let them on a day I could fix it rather than find this mess some Sunday morning before church or something!


  1. This is so great! Why not let them go at it with your approval rather than behind your back! I bet they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

  2. Wow, you are a brave momma. I am sure that it satisfied their curiosity though! Good Job!
    My boys have decided that they want to grow their hair long so that is what they are doing - They run from scissors.


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