Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Giveaway - Wobegone Boy

This week's book giveaway, Wobegone Boy by Garrison Keillor. Again, couldn't find this one on Amazon but plenty of others by Keillor. If you listen to NPR or are a fan of "A Prairie Home Companion" then you probably know all about Keillor's tales of Lake Wobegone.

From the jacket cover;

This novel is about John Tollefson of Lake Wobegone who leaves for upstate New York. Free from the Dark Lutherans of his hometown, he makes a pleasant bachelor life for himself. In the midst of plenty, it occurs to John that his life lacks nobility and grace. A consumer of fine food and wine, he yet has no coherent life story. Compared to his great-grandfather John Tollefson, who finagled his way over from Norway, he feels rootless, restless, joined in no struggle, with nothing at stake. The only magnificence in his life is Alida, who eludes his courtship. Folded into the romance is the saga of his ancestors: a dour butcher, Siamese-twin ballplayers, a Texas Pentecostalist and Lake Wobegon itself with its bachelor farmers and housewives. And the simple code; Cheer up, Make yourself useful, Mind your manners, and Avoid self pity.

DR and I both read this book and enjoyed Garrison Keillor's wit and humor, as always. Reading this novel, you'll feel as though you've grown up in Lake Wobegone too!

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Winner will be chosen Monday evening and announced Tuesday morning!

Good Luck!

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  1. I know a few people that would love this book! My Dad would love this, perhaps for fathers day!


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