Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mountain Man is moving...again.

I swear, if Mountain Man's not careful he'll beat DR and I in the battle of the moves. Last summer he moved from Kansas to Oklahoma and this week he moved back to Kansas. He was coming through our town on his way to his new place and was only able to stop for a few hours since he was hauling a bunch of critters on this trip. 

There isn't any place in my little town for a couple horses to take a break so Mountain Man and I drove a few miles out of town to my friend's house (thanks Connie!!) and let the horses out for a well deserved stretch. They'd been traveling for 4 hours and still had 3 to go. That's a long ride standing up!

And of course there's Flash. I love Flash, somehow she's related to our dog Knothead. I just can't ever remember how. 

As I was helping my brother unload the back of his horse trailer to get to the horses in the front we unloaded this baby!! 

This is a seven strand rope maker that was custom made for our Uncle about 5 or 6 years ago before he passed away. As I was telling Mountain Man how much fun I thought it would be to try it out, he offered to leave it at my house for a while so I could try it out. Rope making takes at least 3 people and he wasn't going to get the chance to try it out any time soon. 

But dang!! If I didn't forget to get it out of the trailer once we got back to my house....ggggrrr!
I guess this is his way of getting me to come visit huh? 

Speaking of custom made, Mountain Man was showing off his custom spurs to me. 

He had his spurs made into 4-H clovers...how cool is that?? 
I and all my siblings were ten year 4-H members.

And he even got his initials onto his spurs. Can you find the E, A, and W? 

When I told Yahoo that Mountain Man was coming to visit she was so excited because, as she puts it, "Mountain Man SPINS ME!!!" That's his most redeeming quality to a 3 year old! 

Come on Uncle!! Get to work! 

Flash was looking on in fascination. 

Flash!! You idiot! 
Just to let you know, Flash didn't bit Yahoo and I was never afraid he would. But Flash is a cow dog and that little body was moving and Flash is born to keep critters a moving along. 

It sure was nice to see Mountain Man even if it were only a couple hours. He's the closest family I have out here and I'd be lying if I said he wasn't special. Good luck in the new job bud! 


  1. I am so laughing at those last pictures, especially since Flash didn't take a nip out of her. So glad youbgotvto spend some time with your bro. Oh! And I loved his custom spurs. Way cool!

    1. I know!! Aren't those pictures funny? I was clicking away not sure what I'd catch and I was tickled I got those of Flash :)


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