Thursday, November 22, 2012

Veterans Day...yes, late.

I realize Veterans Day was a while ago but I had some photos on my camera that I just felt needed to be shared. 

See that handsome guy below? That's our minister Jerry who is a Vietnam Veteran. 

Every Veterans Day the music teacher at our school puts on a Veterans program where all the elementary students sing patriotic songs. It's a serious and somber program as the veterans in the community are recognized. 

This year Jerry led a flag folding ceremony that explained that each fold of the flag is representative of something.  I never realized that there was a meaning behind it. 

Look at all those solemn little faces. It was very meaningful to some of these kids to see their minister Jerry or their uncles or friends in their uniforms folding the flag. 

Those two gentleman folding the flag are not only active servicemen but are someone special to one or more kids in the crowd. I think it's a great thing when adults take the time to share and model patriotism and respect to the younger generation. 

I know Jerry has meant a great deal to my boys. Although belated, I thank you sincerely veterans! 

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