Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's My Dog's Name?? Well it's....


Yes, our dog's name is Knothead.

I didn't name the dog. I haven't blogged much about Knothead but I thought it would be a good story to share; how Knothead got her name. 

When Yip and Yap were just about 3 years old, the same age Yahoo is now, Yap loved dogs and puppies and Yip did not! My brother John Deere had a 1 year old dog one summer who was BIG and though he was still a puppy he was bigger than the boys. When John Deere's dog wanted to play with my boys it scared them. To their eyes he probably looked gigantic. When my boys were upset by this dog my dad would pick them up and say, "Don't be scared of the dog. He's alright, he's just a knotheaded dog." Papa would cuddle my boys and repeat those words to them until they had calmed down. 

That same summer we just happened to be visiting a friend who had a litter of pups that my boys spent a long time playing with. Even Yip, who up to this point hadn't liked ANY dogs, adored these puppies! Yip was so taken with these puppies that we decided to take one home. 

As we were driving home I was asking the boys what we should name our new puppy. Sally, Spot, Old Yeller? I suggested all kinds of "dog" names but no, they both agreed that our new puppy should be named Knothead. 

Because that's what Papa said dogs are; dogs are just knotheads! 

And that's how our dog got her name. 
She's a wonderful dog and has been just wonderful with my kids, even when Yahoo was a baby Knothead was super protective of her. I just feel kind of bad about the name she got stuck with! 


  1. Great story! Sadie's full name is Sadie Daisy Cloud Wallpe. I think our girls were being moved by the Indian spirits that day. Aren't dogs just the best?

    1. Yes! We had a bit of a time getting her moved out to Kansas and if we ever move again I am just not sure how we'll get her moved too. It would be heartbreaking if we had to leave her behind.


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