Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Happy Belated Halloween! 

This year we had a Soldier sniper? or is he a spy? 
I don't think even he knew what he was.

And a Knight fighting a Dragon. 
Ha, that dragon doesn't look too intimidated does she? 

One of the very best things about living in my little town is the Halloween parade. Every Halloween afternoon all the elementary students dress up and walk the block from the school to the town businesses (right in front of my house) to trick or treat the grocery store, the bank, the pharmacy, the get the idea. 

This is quite the big deal in our town! Grandmas, grandpas, siblings and all sorts of people come out to see the kids in their costumes! I didn't get any great photos of costumes this year because Yahoo, along with a bunch of other younger brothers and sisters brought up the end of the line a trick or treated too. 

I think every little town should have a Halloween parade. Some of those kids have great sense of humors! Like the boy who dressed as a football leading his friend....who was dressed as a blind referee!! LOL! 

Hope you had a great Halloween! 

Ah, soooo much candy! I've already gotten a stomach ache. 


  1. Very interesting celebration, foreign to me !

    1. A lot of people here call Halloween Beggars Night. Kids dress up in fun costumes and go around the neighborhood, knock on doors and say "trick or treat" and then collect candy from the home owner. I'm not even sure where this tradition came from. Hmmm. I might have to look into that :)

  2. LOVE THIS IDEA! I was a total Grinch? Scrooge? Or whatever. We did go to the town park for the costume contest, but the oldest was losing her voice, so we opted for a movie instead of the town trick or treating because it was pretty darned cold. Then the businesses had trick or treating on Halloween, but I thought we had decided not to go. By the time we had fed the four cows and helped Grandpa move equipment, it was late, K was coughing, and we didn't go. Guess I owe them a better Halloween next year WITH pumpkins. Wish I liked the holiday more......sigh.

    1. You know, that's great though Lana. I grew up the oldest of 7 kids out in the country. We'd dress up, drive half a mile to trick or treat Grandma then drive half an hour to trick or treat the other Grandma and head home. We'd go to a Halloween costume contest at our school and that's it. Don't despair, it's one year and there's always something positive about spending time with your kids what ever it may be.


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