Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How the Squashes Arrived!

Just the other day we walked down the street and bought some pumpkins and squash. As we walked back Yip started telling an elaborate squash/pumpkin story. Once we got home I took pictures while he posed the pumpkins, then we printed them off into a little book and he wrote his story down. I've NEVER seen him sit so long to write before! So I thought I'd share his story with you today; How the Squashes Arrived! 

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin. But he was not always a pumpkin!

Then there was a big pumpkin. He came along. He was walking and then he tripped and fell on the little pumpkin! 

The little pumpkin was squash! The gig guy was asleep. The little pumpkin could not move! He was sad, very sad. 

The little pumpkin grew warts. He still could not move! And the big pumpkin was still asleep. He was small now. 

Then the big pumpkin woke up and walked away. The little pumpkin was now a squash. That how squashes arrived! 


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