Monday, October 15, 2012

just a ramblin....

Life out here on the prairie has been great lately. We had 2 1/2 inches of rain Friday night which was a HUGE blessing! Though our flag football game was cancelled the next day because the football field was "soggy". I'm sure all those boys wouldn't have minded playing football in the gooey mud, though I'm sure all the mothers would have refused to drive them home afterwards! 

Though the rain was a blessing I guess it will actually hurt our milo harvest just a bit, depending on the weather. We've only had one hard frost this fall and it wasn't enough to kill the milo and prepare it for harvest. With this new moisture and the warm temperatures, the mid 70's over the weekend, I'm told the milo will actually produce more shoots which could delay harvest quite a bit unless the weather cools down considerably. I learn something new all the time out in Kansas. 


Do you realize that Christmas is only 71 days away? (You're welcome!) How is it that it's only the middle of October and I already feel like I'm behind on my Christmas shopping? We all spent Saturday in town Christmas scouting, which involved letting our kids loose in the Target toy department trying to get an idea on what they'd like for Christmas. After forty five minutes I"m not sure if my kids are even sure what they'd like. The Target toy aisle can be a bit overwhelming, even for me. 

DR and I have been contemplating our travel plans for the holiday season the last couple of weeks. We've lived in Kansas for just over two years and in that time we've traveled home to Indiana three times; once at Christmas, once at Thanksgiving, and once in May. We've decided this winter we are taking a travel break and staying home. (Sorry family!!!)

We've made the 14 hour trip 3 times, I've become an expert packer, road map reader and kid entertainer there's just nothing easy about making the trip. It's just a physically exhausting trip for all of us. We even thought about flying back home to Indiana which would be a lot simpler, especially for my kids, but it's still expensive. Though I miss my family terribly, especially my sister and her kids, we've planning a very low key holiday season this year. I suppose I'll become best friends with the postman as I ship all the presents back east!! 
Or maybe gift cards will be all I send this year! 

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