Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photo Thursday - I'm White Rabbit Late on 52 Weeks.

I am so late. 
Like the White Rabbit Late. 
You know running around like crazy screaming, "I'm late, I'm late." 

How does this happen? I'm so good at keeping my kids on myself on schedule for school, football, dinner, bedtime...but I can never keep myself on a schedule for my own projects. They just seem to fit into the few spare moments I have, if any, in a day. 

I'm something like five weeks late on my 52 Week Photo project. Where does the time go? I had every intention of getting these done but before I knew another week had come and gone...and another...and another. I even took a day last week to take a photo walk around town and catch up...and then accidentally deleted most of the photos that I took, which was okay because I didn't like most of them anyway. 

Today I put my foot down. I passed the laundry and dishes that were desperately calling out for my attention. I left my daughter playing Play Dough unsupervised, though she did come help me out with some shots later on, to go to the garage and catch up on my 52 Weeks. I was determined that I could find inspiration right in my back yard and that I would only shoot ONE photo per theme. 

And I did. And, I think, they turned out pretty darn good. 

So here you go, straight from the camera, no edits.... very very late photographs. 

Week 32 - Intromit (to allow in)
1/60sec., F8, ISO 1600

Week 36 - No
I am ALWAYS hollering at her to get down and leave my clothespins alone! 
1/250 sec., F8, ISO 200

Week 39 - Tools 
Shot in Black and White but I think I'd like it just as much in color
1/80 sec., F8, ISO 1600 with flash

I've been really afraid to use a flash for a long time but recently I've started to get the hang of it. I still feel a little uncertain using it though. 

Week 40 - Bent

1/100 sec., F7.1, ISO 1600 with flash

Week 41 - Blue

1/100 sec., F8, ISO 1600 with flash 

Next week, if I'm not behind again, theme is Windows. 


  1. I just realized today I haven't read a blog in over a month and haven't taken my project 52 pictures in. . .oh. . .a long time. Good job and sticking with it. I really wanted to keep going. I've taken so many pictures just haven't taken pictures for ME. Although my gender reveal pictures did fit nicely with the week for "blue" :-)

    1. I'm a bit behind this week too....on everything! I subbed for kindergarten today, am subbing 4th grade tomorrow and kindergarten Friday. Those 5 year olds are going to drain the life right out of me!! Your gender reveal was awesome...loved it!!


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