Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paper Collage Owl

My maiden name is Wise. I grew up just down the road from my Grandma Wise and, needless to say, was at her house a lot. Grandma had LOTS of owls in her house. 

Not REAL owls but a lot of little collectible owls or pictures of owls or owl calendars and the like. Because of her last name, WISE, people just gave Grandma a lot of WISE OLD OWLS. Personally I've never liked owls...probably because of all the ugly ones Grandma had growing up. 

So, imagine my surprise when I was inspired to paint an owl. 

Actually I didn't paint the owl, I painted several large sheets of papers a variety of colors and textures. Then I cut out each shape of the owl and glued it down to a black matte board. 

Then I cam back through with a black Sharpie marker and colored pencils and enhanced and added some details. 

I like the way the feathers aren't laying down. 

So now I'm done with this owl and while I like the technique and effect, I can't possibly hang it in my house. I just down like owls...though I am attracted to the circles of his eyes and repetition of feathers. Maybe I just need to do another less owlish! 


  1. That's beautiful!! My daughter collects owls. Would you consider selling it so I can give it to her for Christmas?

    1. Yep! Name your price :) and let me know where to ship it!

  2. By the way, you won the contest over at my blog. Stop by to see, and I'll get your prize out to you just as soon as I can.


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