Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our VERY LAST Flag Football game!!!

This weekend we celebrated a great day...our LAST Flag Football Game!!!

Oh, we didn't celebrate because we are happy that our short little football season is over, OH NO!! 
We celebrated because the next football game my boys play, next fall, will be TACKLE!! With pads and helmets and all the parts of a football uniform that I'm clueless about! 

My boys have had so much fun playing football this fall. 
We had a bumpy couple of weekends where our games were cancelled because of weather so this past weekend, instead of playing one game we played three. 

My boys took turns playing center...I guess they did a good job I really don't have a clue about football! 

I have to send a big shout out to all the DADS that helped out this season. I think there must have been 5 or 6 that volunteered to help out this fall, what a great bunch of DADS!!! 

Run Yap RUN!!! Don't STOP! 

Yip's calculating the distance.....

....he takes the extra long stride.....

and...HOORAH!!! Has the flag!! 

Have you ever tried to get 12 little boys to sit still for a camera? 
I think I got about 10 photos taken before they finally sat still. 

Well, sort of sat still! 

What a great group of boys. I can't wait to break out this picture when they are juniors and seniors in high school! 

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