Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's been a while....

Whoa. It's been a while since I've posted. It's not often that a whole week goes by without me blogging about something. But then again it's harvest time. Translation: I'm a harvest widow.

Corn harvest has been in full swing in SW Kansas for the last three weeks. We've had a little rain during harvest but not enough to slow down the combines in the fields. DR has been working from 7 am to 10 pm. Occasionally he's even had to spend the night at work. The kids and I get to kiss him goodbye in the mornings and that's about all we see him these days.

A couple times a week we'll take a crockpot dinner to the grain elevator for DR and everyone else working crazy hours. The kids love going to the elevator because they can raid the candy bucket and watch the scale girls probe the trucks.

I've had photos to go along with harvest before but I've learned it's against company policy for people like me to be taking photos of the elevator. Since I'd kind of like my husband to keep his job I'm posting sans photos:) 

Normally I'd spend my lonely evenings catching up on blogging. However I've found myself watching Netflix and watching episodes of The 70's Show. Sometimes it's hard to find something interesting to blog about. But this fall I've found I just don't have the time to blog. I'm a harvest widow which means I'm reminded once again of all the wonderful little things my husband does in our home. From working in the garden to mowing the lawn. From folding clothes to taking out the trash. It's amazing how many chores I have to remember to do when DR is in the throes of harvest.

Last week was an especially long week for us though. Normally I don't substitute teach more than a couple days a week but last week I subbed one day and subbed at our town library for three days while our librarian was dealing with a family emergency. It was great because I could bring Yahoo with me but it really messed up our schedule and routine last week. Long nights, rushed homework, tired Mom.

I don't think I could be a librarian full time though. All. Those. Books. I was drooling. Libraries are like a double edged sword though; you have all those wonderful books just begging to be read but as a librarian you can't just sit and read all day..there is actual work to do!! It was fun for few days though :)

Hopefully I'll get back into a groove soon. Harvest getting over would help that. I can't complain though. A harvest lasting a month is heaven. I remember a few years ago in Illinois where a harvest lasted for three months....it was awful!

How's your harvest coming along?


  1. I sometimes think a part time job at a library would balance out my full time daycare job beautifully. I like to read, but I'd mostly like the QUIET :o)

    1. Yeah.. the quiet was nice!! Though one of my days at the library was toddler time..18 little ones under 4! Thank goodness I had help that day.


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