Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yahoo and her Personal Assistant

It's summertime and that means swim lessons! 
Our town pool is only a block away from our house and last year we practically lived at the pool. I was accused by one of the teenage lifeguards of being there all the time last that's a bad thing! 

Hey, I think I can justify "living" at the pool when we our first full summer in Kansas was one of the hottest and driest on record. I mean, 104 degrees was an average temperature last year!! (It seemed to me anyway.) 

Moving on...swim lessons. If we are going to live so close to the pool I would just feel a lot more comfortable if my kids are taking swim lessons. Not that my boys would agree. They think swim lessons are too much like being taught something, heaven forbid, and swim lessons cut into their playtime! 

Not Yahoo though. Yahoo is in LOVE with the water! 
She has. no. fear.

She's the only one in her class that doesn't mind getting dunked. She can't wait to get to her swim lessons everyday which makes it kind of difficult since her lessons are right after lunch. She gets so excited it's tough getting her to eat. And after every activity they would do Yahoo would pipe up, "That was awesome!" LOL...I'm pretty sure the lifeguards are tired of hearing that! 

The funniest thing about lessons is that Yahoo gets so excited about swimming that she ends up talking and bouncing all the time and drifting around the pool, not paying attention to the instructor.

Therefore one lifeguard has the job of holding Yahoo's hand and keeping her still and listening. 

Well look at you Miss Thing! Aren't you special? You have your very own Personal Assistant by your side. 

(Hmmm. Where can I get one of those?)

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