Friday, June 15, 2012

Foody Friday - Hobo Stew (or Poor Man's Stew)

My garden is coming along well. 

And I'm putting my kids to heavy toil harvesting and eating the vegetables. 
Eating some of those veggies is the hardest part. 
Summer squash...blech! 

Our purple beans have done really well. 
I love purple beans because I can actually see them when I go picking them. 

I think my mom called my favorite fresh green bean dish Hobo Stew. (Correction: My mom just let me know that my Grandma always called it Poor Man's Stew.) I just always remembered it as "the dish we always ate right after we picked the beans" 

Put diced potatoes, fresh snapped beans, salt, pepper and cooked ground sausage in a pot. Cover with water and boil until potatoes are soft. 

I love the way my purple beans turn green :) 

Serve hot!! 

There is nothing better than eating veggies straight from the garden. 
What is your favorite way to eat fresh produce? 


  1. Summer squash...yummy! Slice, dash of season salt, grill! That is my favorite!

    1. oooh, grilled!!! I've been sauteing it in a skillet all summer but I'll definitely try grilled this weekend. Does it work with frozen summer squash?

  2. Purple beans! Those look really cool!

  3. My mother made Hobo Stew (a little different though), Her's had a can of pork and beans and tomatoe soup...Your's looks WAY more HEALTHY!! Love the pic of the happy kids snapping beans,So Cute!! Thanks for linking up with Farm Fresh Friday...hope to see more happy harvests this summer!!

  4. Grandma Wise called it Poor Man's stew!


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