Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Swim Lessons....

Yap and Yahoo just finished their swim lessons. 
Wait a minute? Don't I have three kids? 
Why didn't Yip take swim lessons you ask? 

Yip was signed up to take lessons with his brother but an hour before their very first lesson he decided to play with a pocket knife (that I told him not to touch!) and he cut a big gash on his knuckle. The doctor said no swimming for a week. Therefore Yip will be taking lessons during the next session. Yip just can't make life easy. 

On the upside though Yap was able to do something without his brother. Being twins can be tough when you are always thrown together with your brother. 

I love the instructor they had for this session. She was great with all the kids; I sure wish she would teach lessons all summer. 

Not only does Yap LOVE going off the diving board.....

....but he loves doing it his OWN way! 

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