Monday, June 4, 2012

Officer and her Mini Me

This is a pic of my sister, the Officer, when she was 4 or 5. 

This is a pic of my 3 year old daughter Yahoo. 

And here they are both together about two weeks ago. 
It's eerie how much these two look alike! Yahoo sure doesn't look anything like me. 

See?? Yahoo looks more like my sister than she does me! 
 You'd think that after carrying her in my womb for nine and a half months (I swear!) and going through a C-section to give birth to her she'd at least have the courtesy to LOOK like me! 

This is my favorite photo of the two together! I have to say that the way "looks" get passed down in my family tree has always amazed me.
I don't know if I want Yahoo to grow up acting like my sister the Police Officer! That may be more than I can handle! 


  1. Before I even read a word I thought the picture was Yahoo - That's crazy!!

    1. I know!! Isn't it crazy how much they look alike? Maybe I should dig out a picture of myself at the same age to show just how different she is than me :)


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