Monday, June 11, 2012

Short on Crafts, Long on Fun

My boys have been out of school for four weeks. I kept anticipating that once summer vacation was here the boys and I would be able to sit down and do all kinds of fun awesome crafts and experiments that I could share on Marker Monday. No such luck. 

Four weeks into summer vacation and 4-H camp, library program, swim lessons, preparing for Vacation Bible School and road trips have consumed all of our time. On Saturday I finally felt like I could take a deep breath and slow down...a little. 

I asked the boys if there was anything special they wanted to make or do that day, silently crossing my fingers that they'd want to do something from my Pinterest boards, but they decided on a tree house. 

Actually they did most of it without me. They nailed up most of the boards on their own; I just came in at the end to help sturdy things up. Just trying to prevent a trip to the ER here folks. 

A beautiful piece of art it isn't but they sure have had fun in their tree house. 
I do believe Yap spent most of his Saturday afternoon in the tree house despite the 95 degree heat. 

One more week of swim lessons and I "should" have my Vacation Bible School project done this week (can't wait to show you!). Hopefully then we'll have a bit more free time to get really creative. 

But I'm not complaining if we don't because we're all smiles here. 
As long as everyone is having summer fun I'm not too worried what kind of Marker Monday projects we get done. 
If any. 

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