Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zucchini, Beans and Watermelon...oh my!

I've been pretty darn happy with our garden. We are under water restrictions in our town and can only water our garden on odd days of the month. I didn't really think our garden would do well but it's doing much better than I expected. 

Ha! These are some decorative mini gourds that grew accidentally. We spread compost on it in the spring and I'm pretty sure I threw some mini gourds in the compostor last Halloween. Ah well, they are a nice addition to our garden. 

Look! A watermelon!! And it's pretty big...I can't wait to cut into this juicy guy! 

I picked my first batch of beans this week. Boy, oh boy, and fresh garden beans are so, so much better than canned store bought beans. 

Of course zucchini...tons of it. I do believe zucchini could grow anywhere! And I'm learning that okra is just as hardy. Both okra and zucchini just grows and grows! I can look at the plants on Monday and there won't be anything on anything but by Wednesday they'll be full. 

We are thinking of trying to put in some fall crops in the garden, which I've never done before but I think it will stay warm enough to perhaps put in cabbages or something. I've really enjoyed having a garden again :) 


  1. Look at all that green! Nice job! I love that even with your dry weather you managed to accidentally grow mini gourds:o)

    I think I'll have to try growing some zuccini if it's easy. I love zuccini but don't know if I've ever eaten okra!

  2. Try broccoli for a fall veggie.

    Your garden looks great! I just found mine through all the weeds that grew last week during the fair! Tomatoes and maybe some beans if the bugs don't get them, and peppers!


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