Saturday, July 30, 2011

Down to Counting Hours....

We've had a countdown in our house for over a month. And today I'm finally counting hours instead of days because sometime in the next 24 hours'ish' my mom, dad, brother and sister in law will be here to visit!!! Yay!! 

Christmas was the last time we saw them and we have been really missing them!  My parents drug us to all kinds of museums when I was a kid. 

Yes, that's my mom.
She doesn't look old enough to have a 35 yr. old daughter does she?
Hmmm, I seem to have inherited the habit of museum hopping from them. Ha! Goodness knows I've blogged about enough museums! Well, it's my turn so this week I'll probably drag them to a bunch of little, local Kansas museums. We're heading to a rodeo in Dodge City this week too which I've heard is great! I can't imagine any rodeo I ever went to in Indiana could compare to one in Kansas. If we are lucky with the heat, we might even go back up to the Chalk Pyramids again too. 

I think my boys are just excited for their 24 year old uncle, we'll call him John Deere, to get here and wrestle with them. He's my younger brother but by no means my little brother anymore. I'm excited to spend time with his wife, Melinda Sue too. 

I love her to pieces and because we've always lived so far away since they've been married I never felt like I've gotten to know her well enough and she's such a wonderful woman! She's so intelligent, a teacher and full of energy. Hopefully we'll get lots of girl time this week. 

My family doesn't dress like what you see in the photos all the time. They were celebrating their 125th anniversary of the founding of our church back home in Indiana. I thought they looked great in the costumes don't you? 

The only thing I'm worried about when they all do get out here is the heat. Most of the past two months have had temps above 100. One hundred degrees in Kansas and one hundred in Indiana are two different things. Out here the heat is so dry that it doesn't feel too bad, which is deceiving, but takes more energy from you during the day than you realize. By afternoon there are times when you just have to take a nap because you are so zapped. In Indiana when it gets that hot the humidity kicks in early during the day and a body just feels lousy, enough not to do anything all day long and so you don't get wiped all at once. I'm just hoping that none of my family gets sick from the heat because they aren't acclimated to it. My family  are pretty hardy though I'm sure they'll do fine. 

Yahoo told me the other day, while eating yogurt, that she was going to save the rest for Papa. HA! My dad doesn't like yogurt but I wouldn't be surprised if he ate some for her. The power of grandchildren! 

How many more hours? Oh, I don't know if I can stand the suspense. I'll probably laugh and cry at the same time when I see them pull in the driveway. I love my family! (At least the ones coming to visit 


  1. boy, do I know that laughing and crying at the same time thing. I am so happy for you and your kids to get to spend this time with your parents. Sometimes when we leave my parents house and we drive over that last hill that makes it impossible to see my parents house I can't help crying. It stinks to be so far from family. Lots of love to you!

  2. So happy to know you will have your family with you for a while. That always does a soul good, no matter what your age is. Just spent the day with my mom and dad and niece and nephew-in-law freezing corn and building family traditions. What great memories! ENJOY!


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