Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An End to Cloud Seeding?

Remember when I blogged about cloud seeding? Well, on Sunday I had a sneaking suspicion that there must have been planes up in the air that day shooting their silver iodide. The kids and I were on our 4-H club tour (driving to all the 4-H members homes to check out their projects) on Sunday afternoon. We probably traveled an area about 5 miles by 20 miles for about 2 1/2 hours. The whole time we were out there were big old clouds rolling overhead with the look of a big old storm but barely a sprinkle ever fell. DR and I have noticed a few storms this summer where the rain has just skipped over a couple counties in this area.

Well, there have been some developments that are quite interesting. There was an article in the Hutchinson Newspaper bringing the controversey to light and I later found out that yes, there were cloud seeding going on Sunday. But the most interesting thing occurred yesterday; a group of about 20 farmers in the area called for a commissioners meeting in Haskell County, just to the west of us. I've gotten this information second hand but basically the farmers demanded that the county no longer fund the weather modification companty in Haskell County.

The farmers and many others are convinced the cloud seeding is doing more harm than good. The county commissioners agreed and have shut down the weather modification company starting today! Wow! This should be interesting. With so many summer storms basically skipping over us it will be interesting to see if we get anymore rain now.

Whether or not the weather modification works, I'm still glad that it is shut down. I've never liked the idea of  a harmful substance (silver iodide) being shot up in the air. What goes up must come down and it's probably coming down on me!

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