Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to ME!!! 

Yep, today is my birthday. My 35th birthday...woo hoo! 
Yep 35 and proud of it :)

And here's my birthday present, a cowgirl hat, from my wonderful hubby DR. Isn't it cute? Thanks honey! It has that pretty heart on the front and has a trim of lace all around the edge of the brim. It may be cute but I've learned hats are essential out here in Kansas. 

The sun is so bright out here all year long I can't go outside without a hat or sunglasses on. Well...sunglasses don't survive around me for long; I'm always losing them or breaking them. So I've resorted to hats. 

My Budweiser hat. I love this hat, but seriously I always feel weird wearing it around all the Mennonites in our town. 

Or my cammo hat. It works great keeping the sun out of my eyes but it isn't very feminine is it? 

A bucket hat?? Nah, it just isn't me. 

But my cowgirl hat? I love it!! It fits perfect and is breezy! I wore it all afternoon yesterday and I felt like there was a cool breeze rushing across the top of my head. And with highs up to 109 here lately a breeze across the top of my head was sure welcome! 

Happy Birthday to me! Bring on the next 35 years...I'm ready and raring to go! 


  1. Happy Birthday! I think you are terrific, and I hope you have a nice birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm a month late. Your hat is adorable. I envy you being able to wear hats.


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