Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Art Corner - Mixed Media

My latest drawing, again inspired by Taos. I just loved that town.

This was a first for me; mixed media of pastel, colored pencil and paint. I am ecstatic how it turned out. I have a sketch for another one similar to this that, hopefully, I'll get started this week.

In the past my artwork has been much more realistic and the last few years I've definitely been leaning toward abstraction. I can't explain the shift but I am happy about it. The last time I tried drawing very realistically I was miserable. Not because it was bad or I couldn't do it (my theory is ANYONE can draw realistically) but I just couldn't see the point. Why draw realistically when a camera can do the same thing?

So, any thoughts on this one?

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  1. It makes me wonder where the road goes and who lives in the house! So glad you are finding joy in your art. It makes you smile inside out!


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