Monday, April 25, 2011

Marker Monday - Don't Pack up those Easter Decorations Yet!!!!

Do you still have your plastic Easter eggs out? Well don't pack them up yet. Yap did a very fun, but VERY MESSY, painting with them over the weekend.

Look! He's created a Pollock!
Okay, you probably only got that joke if you are an art nerd like me.

First, you need an Easter egg that has holes in the bottom. It will probably have holes in both the top and bottom. Take a minute and cover one end of it securely with Scotch tape.

Then place a little craft paint and water in the bottom section of the egg, the end with the tape on it, and stir it up to make a very watered down paint. It helps if they are held in an egg carton.

Put the top on, grab some paper and go outside. Yes, outside because this is messy!

Dribble the watered down paint out of the holes!

Yap went pretty wild with this and had just as much paint on his feet as he did on his paper.

I'm sure glad we did this outside!

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  1. I cannot let my girls read your blog because they would run away to live with you. Such fun you have creating art with your kids! Sigh!


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