Monday, April 18, 2011

Marker Monday - Number Easter Baskets

Tomorrow Yahoo and I go to our playgroup and tomorrow's theme is Spring and Easter. We have kids ranging from one to four years old so we try to come up with games and activities that everyone can do even if they have to get a bit of help from Mom or Dad.

Yahoo is beginning to understand the concept of counting so I came up with this activity to work on counting and number recognition.

We are big fruit cup eaters in our house so I washed up ten of them and used a hole punch to put holes on opposite sides of the cup. Twisted pipe cleaners make sturdy handles and with a number on the bottom of each we now have Number Easter Baskets.

With a handful of eggs (marbles) the kids get to be the Easter Bunny and put the right number of eggs in each basket.

Yahoo's only two and a long way from knowing her numbers but I'm sure some of the older kids will enjoy this game tomorrow.

This Easter Bunny just realized I better get on the ball, Easter is this weekend and don't have anything for the baskets. Wait...where are the Easter baskets? Yikes!!  

What are your Easter plans this year?

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  1. I'm right there with you and hoping to go to the big town Wednesday to do my part in filling the baskets. We are hosting all of Tall Guy's family and some of mine here for Easter, then we get to do it all again the next weekend for First Communion. Lordy ;-) We cleaned the garage out of all its winter collection of rocks and dirt so we can eat out there! Let the cleaning inside begin! :-P


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