Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Every Kansas town has a.....

...a museum.

Really, they all do. Practically every little town you go to in Kansas seems to have their own little museum.

We have the Stauth Museum in my little town which has artifacts from all over the world. Many Kansas museums' exhibits are focused more on Kansas history and over the weekend we visited Ulysses, Kansas and the Grant County Adobe Museum, a great little museum.

Historic Adobe Museum - Ulysses, Kansas

Not only do they have the museum building but they also have a 1800's era hotel and one room school house right next door.
The hotel on the left and school on the right.

In a living area for guests the boys played checkers and admired the popcorn popper on the old wooden stove.

Yahoo took time to lounge just like I imagine an elegant lady might. Would this be a daybed?

Yip and Yap enjoyed the idea of a classroom with all different ages of students. They liked those old desks too. What is so attractive about an old school desk? When I was a kid I remember seeing one and just wanting to do lots of homework at it.

Inside the museum there are exhibits presenting Kansas in different time periods.
There are the Plains Indians...

....and a sod house complete with cow skull.

Then we moved on to a more modern house complete with a modern oven/stove. I have a friend who has one of these and they cook on it at least one week every summer. There has been some amazing food come off of these.

These contraption was in the kitchen too. Anyone know what it is? I couldn't figure it out. The handle moved left and right and moved the left side of the cylinder back and forth.

There was also a wall with nothing but pictures of the dust bowl. This was a photo taken in Ulysses on April 14, 1935. The caption says, Daylight to Total Darkness in one minute. Wow.

There was also exhibits with artifacts from life in the 30's, 40's and 50's. My boys thought it was neat to see toys their grandparents might have played with.

So, if you are looking for a vacation spot with LOTS of museums then Kansas is the place to go! Ha, of course if you get tired of museums we have, uh, lots of....sky to look at!


  1. I love museums too. I think I'm really crazy. I love cemetaries best. They tell a history story too.

  2. Does that thingy take corn off the cob? LOVE little museums, and the school house reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. Thanks for the tour! I can just see a lady reclining for an afternoon "rest" on the chaise lounge.

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  4. Looks like great fun!!! Have you done the Wizard of OZ museum? Maybe we can go together. SW


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