Monday, April 4, 2011

Marker Monday - Hula Hoop Weaving

Last month's Family Fun magazine featured Hula Hoop Rug Instructions.
I really wanted to make one of these!! What I'd really like is a full size floor loom in my home but I'll probably have to send a few kids to college before I can high jack a bedroom for that one.

A hula hoop as a loom! How creatively simple!

Using old t-shirts cut in strips parallel to the bottom, you create loops that are stretched across the hula hoop like the spokes on a wheel. Then you start weaving in more of the t-shirt loops around and around. Family Fun has some great photos and instructions if you are interested.

After borrowing a couple hula hoops from a friend I started in.

And quickly gave it up to Yap. Isn't he doing a great job?

He and I took turns working on it over the weekend. We scrounged through all our dressers and used about 6-7 adult shirts and 4 kid shirts.

All finished! Yap thought in front of the throne was a good place for his rug.
I agree, that floor is cold in the winter!

Family Fun's instructions were great but I would change one thing.
When it's time to cut the rug off the hoop I suggest to lay it on the floor and cut all the loops at the same time. Then remove the hoop and straighten out any bumps created by uneven tension..and yes you'll have some. When you have gotten the rug flattened then tie up all the outside edges at the same time.

What good craft projects have you been up to lately?


  1. I love this idea! If I get my act together and clean out some drawers upstairs, I may just have enough t-shirts for several of these projects! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter,37, made one f these. But what she got was more bowl-like than rug. What went wrong? She is now in the process of unweaving her creation, and attempting a second go. Any hints for a success this time? Thanks., Linda

  3. I had the same problem! As she was weaving she probably was pulling too tight. when she reweaves it she should leave it looser than she thinks it should be and it will turn out just right.


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