Friday, April 15, 2011

Foody Friday - Coffee Slush

I LOVE coffee! Not crappy coffee from the gas station, no GOOD coffee. The darker the roast, the better. If I allowed myself to I could easily drink a pot or more of coffee a day...but I don't. I get way too jittery with that much caffeine. 

Sometimes I'll pour a mug, drink half of it and then get distracted and forget about drinking the rest. It bugs DR when he comes home and finds 2  or 3 cold coffee cups around the house. Sometimes I just pop em in the microwave and drink it which just appalls my brother..ha ha!
I think he sees it as an insult to coffee.

I found a new use for cold coffee. I have to admit this post is kind of weak in the recipe department. But I read about it in a magazine somewhere, don't ask me where...probably in a doctor's waiting room.
 It's just so darn easy but so darn good!

Take your cold half full cup of coffee throw in some sugar and some cinnamon and pop it in the freezer. Now, if you can remember, stir it up every 30-45 minutes or so until it gets nice and slushy.

Or be like me and forget about it for 2 hours and have to break up the frozen coffee hunk with a butter knife. Even better, just pour your seasoned coffee into ice cube trays, freeze and eat one at a time like a candy treat.

I can see myself going through a lot of frozen coffee cubes in the hot months to come! Wow, I never thought that I could possibly get addicted to coffee in cold form but I have!


  1. I also leave half-full cups of cold coffee sitting on counters/the table!! It bugs Spence too! How much sugar and cinnamon do you put in, because overdoing on the cinnamon could be a disaster and I'd hate to mess it up.

    I think I'll try this!

  2. I don't even measure but if I had to guess I'd say for 1/2 mug of coffee I use a couple teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon...but I really like cinnamon so you should probably try half a teaspoon.

  3. That is hilarious! I am always wondering where my cup of coffee is, when I find it, it is cold and half-empty, too.


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