Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Blues

The Tooth Fairy came to our house this week. Yip lost his first tooth!! He was so excited! For the Tooth Fairy though, this was a tough case.

First off, Yip's twin brother Yap hasn't lost a tooth yet. He doesn't even have a loose tooth. Needless to say Yap is jealous; it doesn't help that Yip won't stop talking about his lost tooth. There has been tears and fights all over a tooth, nothing the Tooth Fairy expected to have to deal with.
Then there was the money problem. Don't kids of this generation know the Tooth Fairy doesn't carry cash anymore! When are these kids going to get debit card machines installed under their pillows? The poor Tooth Fairy was left digging around for enough cash to make it worth it. No bills were found, just a handful of loose change. 
Finally, the transaction was done. The moolah was under the pillow and the Tooth Fairy was the brand new owner of a little white tooth. what?? What does the Tooth Fairy DO with these teeth? Does she throw it away? Keep it forever in hopes the kid wants to see his baby teeth when he's a teenager? Or maybe save it for a beautiful piece of jewelry showcasing the precious lost teeth?
This Tooth Fairy gig is more challenging than expected. Maybe it is time for a career change for the Tooth Fairy. Do you think Santa Claus could use another elf?


  1. Just wait until the tooth fairy forgets about the tooth! Those are the days when the tooth fairy makes a daytime house call:o)

    Gotta say, I looked at the tooth-jewelery link... yikes, pretty freaky!

  2. lol..yes, tooth jewelry very creepy!


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