Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Planting....Uh, Oh...Watch Out!!

The fields around our house are farmed by Farmer Dan. Yesterday we were outside swinging and watching the tractors work the fields which was nice to see in April after last spring's wet weather!

Two tractors on the road at the same time? The traffic out here is crazy! We might have to put in a stop light.

Doo, de, doo..Farmer Dan is heading down the field minding his business. Watch out...see the pole?

Uh, Oh!! That's not good. Your marker just hit the pole Farmer Dan!

Turn off the air conditioning and cable tv in the cab Farmer Dan and pay attention!! I tell ya, these farmers have it easy!

"It's only bent a little, I don't need it." says Farmer Dan surveying the damage. (Personally, if I had just bent a piece of equipment worth thousands of dollars that wouldn't be my response!)

Ouch!! You left quite a mark there Farmer Dan! Got any duct tape??


  1. Tell Farmer Dan it could be worse! WIBN radio (Oxford, IN) is off the air because a farmer knocked over the radio tower!


  2. How can a farmer not miss a radio tower? That's nuts!!


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