Saturday, April 10, 2010

Homeschooling; Favorite Educational Websites

My last homeschooling post on writing will be on Wednesday. Today I am going to quickly share with you a bunch of websites the boys and I like to visit. In our technological age I feel it's important for children to become comfortable with technology early, which isn't hard. Kids are drawn to it and pick it up quickly! However, I do limit the boys time on the computer and haven't yet taught them how to search the internet on their own. Every time I come across a website I think the boys would enjoy I bookmark it. Then during their computer time I'll give them the choice of a few different ones they can use. I always try to find educational but fun websites and activities. So here are some of them. Hope you find something you and your munchkins can use.

PBS Kids..of course

Printable Family Tree
Where we Come From - family history and geography
Newspaper Activities

Printable Books - I don't use this site much, it's just easier for us to go to the library.
Letter People - Were you a child of the 80's? Then you remember the Letter People. I printed this off and made a matching game for the boys. They also race me to see who can put the alphabet in the correct order first. You also need to watch this Letter People Video.
Letter Games

Cool Math Games, these are geared more to upper elementary and older. DR and I love this site because of the addicting games.
Math with a Deck of Cards
Design your own Math Worksheets

National Geographic for Kids
Science for Kids - lots of activities here!
Energy and Kids
Weather for Kids
Preschool Science Activities - tons of stuff here for little ones!

My Favorite Art Blog for Kids, she has GREAT stuff everyday to do with all ages of kids.
Crafty Crow
101 Frugal Ways to Share Art with Your Kids. Our favorites from this site are 82. Make Your Own Flowers, and  50. Paint a Greek Vase
Dumpr, manipulate your photos.
How to Make a Feather Quill Pen, not as hard as you might think!

There are so many more out there. These are just some that we have used in the past. I'm glad I did this post because I've found some sites I think we need to revisit. What about the rest of you parents out there? Do you have any great websites for kids of all ages to share? I'm always looking for things to do with my kids as they get older.


  1. is a great one too. My kids love it, it is for a good cause and it is educational!

  2. Good one! Thanks Country Girl, I forgot that one. :)


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