Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo Thursday - Editing Photos without PhotoShop

I've been playing with my camera a lot lately, dragging it everywhere I go and taking tons of pictures of my kids. I only have a point and shoot Canon PowerShot and although there is a lot I can do with it, I have found there are plenty of limitations. Pioneer Woman has inspired me to begin editing some of my photos. I can't afford PhotoShop but I was able to find some online photo editing sites here. I've been using Splashup but will probably check out some of the others later. I've been having way too much fun! Check it out....and all with just a point and shoot camera. If I can do this!!





  1. great shots! I too have a point and shoot and only dream of photoshop, because I don't have the extra money to put toward software that I really don't "need". I'll have to remember to come back and check out your link to those editing sites when I have a few more minutes!

  2. Your pictures look awesome, Heather! I am going to check out the websites that you mentioned and see what I can do with my photos. Thanks for the is much appreciated, as I don't really want to dish out money for photoshop either. Awesome!!

  3. I'm not smart enough for photoshop! Nor do I have the time and patience to learn it. I've used for over a year. It is very user friendly. I like it a lot.


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