Friday, February 5, 2010

Yip and Yap

Meet Yip, my brunette. My youngest twin and by far the twin who is the biggest handful. Always moving, this one can't sit still. It's just not in his nature. Bouncing, running, jumping.

Just look at those gorgeous brown eyes. There are days I have to steel myself against their power! He IS always telling me he has superpowers!

He is my cowboy, my superhero, my budding artist. He has covered our house with his drawings. I should buy stock in a paper company. He drives me crazy most days but eerily he reminds me

Meet Yap, the blue eyed blonde. The oldest twin by forty five minutes. What a smile. He can melt my heart with his smile this one. He is my thinker, always wondering, always asking questions, always experimenting. A builder, he could play with his Legos or Lincoln Logs for hours. He is my train engineer; he's been crazy for trains since he was two.

Together these two are a force to be reckoned with. A tornado that tears through my house starting at 7:00 every morning. They are best friends and as different as could be. When they were born I was in awe of how physically different they were and now five and half years later it amazes me how two brothers, twins, can be so completely different in personality as well. Twins are a special gift, not only to the mother but to their siblings as well. They have a wonderful future ahead if only because they have one another.

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