Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby "Boot"ies and Artwork

As an art teacher I have the need to create. Have you ever tried to create a large painting with three kids in the house? First of all there isn't any room. Every nook and cranny is already occupied by toys. I don't even need to go into time issues. Between wiping noses, changing diapers, fixing lunches there just isn't time to be as creative as I would like.

Since my first children were born I had a dilemma...I needed to create!! But what could I do that would satisfy my urge while being small and easy to work on no matter where I was? I started drawing small in a 9x12 sketchbook from photographs. I have a notebook of sketches, now what? I decided to turn them into postcards. They are great cards to send to friends or something to write a note on to the preschool teacher. It satisfies my need to create and I'm able to share my artwork with others as well. I started an Etsy shop about a year ago to sell these items.

I drew this from a photo we took of a bird nest on our shed last spring. Textures call to me.

This one is of Yap's hands, when they were still chubby, peeking through an old barn door.

When I was pregnant last year I was sewing a lot getting ready for the new baby. I wanted to make a pair of booties but wasn't satisfied with any of the patterns I found. They were all too easily kicked off by the baby. So I came up with booties that looked like cowboy boots. Since then I have made hiking boots and biker boots with skulls. I've had a great response to them and even created some custom orders. Creating these satisfies the sculptor in me! Check out my Baby Booties Giveaway here.

These were custom made for a police officer and his wife expecting a baby.

I loved the way these turned out.

These were sold as a gift to an owner of a tattoo parlor expecting a baby!

I've really enjoyed selling on Etsy. My booties have gone all over the country to some unexpected places. Manhattan? Who needs cowboy "boot"ies in New York City?

If you like what you see or are interested in a custom order visit my shop or contact me.


  1. Waoh.. I love your draw..
    I love cooking and drawing (well Art in general).
    Have you take Cooing courses or you just cook?

  2. No I've never taken cooking courses but hope to in the future. A lot of trial and error with my cooking but I've found some great tips on the internet.


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