Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Paintings with Yip and Yap

Sometimes, even though we have lots of snow out on the prairie the conditions just aren't right to play outside. It may be too cold or windy and the snow gets blown away, (Oh, but if I could I'd kick the Hobbits outside everyday to play!)

Last night we got about two inches of soft pretty snow. We didn't have time to play outside this morning before our busy day so we brought the snow inside. At first we tried building mini snowmen but the snow was still too cold and dry. Instead we packed the snow in pie tins and painted! Awesome! I really wanted to paint too but those greedy boys wouldn't share.

We started out with plain watercolor paints but later switched to the thicker tempera paint with a little water added to it. The boys loved it! I was surprised how busy it kept them and how intent they were in their creations. We will definitely be doing this again, probably tomorrow since we are forecasted to get a couple more inches tonight! Their artwork is sitting in the garage right now so they won't melt. I may have just lost all my pie tins till spring and that's fine by me.

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