Monday, February 8, 2010

9 Irish Brothers...and 5 Irish Sisters

My husband and I had a date Friday night...yes the same night we had a snowstorm blow through the Illinois and Indiana. If we had been smart we would have stayed home but it had been six months since our last date....SIX MONTHS!! A trip to "the big city" of Lafayette, Indiana usually takes us about an hour took us an hour and half. Besides it was worth it to go to 9 Irish Brothers. If you are familiar with West Lafayette, home of Purdue University, you know 9 Irish Brothers Pub.

Irish Toast inside the menu;
May you have food and raiment, a soft pillow for your head.
may you be forty years in heaven before the devil knows you're dead.

It was started by the youngest of 14 Irish siblings, Jerry O'Bryan. I can't imagine giving birth to seven children much less twice that many!! Nine Irish Brothers is family-owned, family-designed-and-built, and family-run. And when you eat there you feel like part of the family whether you are Irish or not!
All the servers wear kilts!

The food, the atmosphere, the beer, the music...everything about 9 Irish Brothers is great!!

My husband and I split corned beef and cabbage..a traditional Irish dish. MMMM...Irish soda bread on top!!

I was stuffed after that but I managed to find a wee little room for bread pudding. If you have ever been to a candle shop and wiffed the intense aroma of a cinnamon candle then you know exactly how this bread pudding smelled..yummy!!

I love going to 9 Irish brothers but we don't get the chance to go more than once or twice a year...yet every time we've been there so has the owner. Family involvement and dedication makes it that much more of a special place to visit. If you are ever in the area check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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