Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joseph's Coat of Many Colored Play Dough

About one Sunday a month I am in charge of our Children's Church class for 2-8 year olds to attend during the minister's sermon. Usually I try to talk about some Bible story and tie in a craft to go with it...snacks help too! This week we talked about Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a suitable craft that will be suitable for a variety of ages as well as keeping them busy for the whole time. I try to stay away from coloring pages because that just gets old after a while for the kids and for me. After our story we talked about what we thought Joseph's coat looked like. I passed out a simple outline, on cardstock, of what Joseph may have looked like and then the kids had the freedom to create their own Coat of Many Colors. I offered up crayons and markers as well as Play Dough, scrap fabric and paper, and yarn.

Here are some works in progress and the last photo shows the finished products!

This was one of the more successful crafts I have done with the kids. All of them were engaged in their work and surprisingly quiet. The variety of materials really fostered their creativity without limiting that of the older kids.

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