Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Make Indian Mocassins with your kids...The EASY way!

A while back the boys were reading some book about Native Americans or maybe it was some story with Indians in it. I can't even remember what the book was about but I do remember it had pictures of Indians in it and they were wearing brightly colored mocassins. As we were reading, Yip asks with that lovely smile of his that I can't resist, "Mommy, will you make me a pair of mocassins?" Groan... At the time I was still very sleep deprived from a newborn and really had no energy to spend making two pair of mocassins. (Got twins? Gotta make two of everything!) Then a light bulb went on. Someone had given me a bunch of glittery fabric paint that I had no intention of using. I hate glitter...I think it's an art teacher thing but we'll get into that later. On the other hand it was too good to get rid of so I had just stashed it away. So I dug it out and along with a couple pairs of socks, stuffed the socks with cardboard and the boys created their own Indian mocassins! They were happy to have something new to dress up in. I was happy they were busy without too much effort on my part. Plus I rid my closet of crafty stuff taking up space!

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