Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wild Bug Eating Flower Painting

My newest painting. Not my favorite but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. At the beginning I wasn't having good luck with it and considered pitching it and starting again but I'm glad I persevered. 

I remember teaching about Australian Aborigines once and how they used lots of dots in some of their story telling paintings. I didn't intend to recall Aboriginal work but I couldn't help thinking about them the more I started adding my own dots to the painting. I still don't know why I do dots but I felt much more contented with the visual effects the more I worked on it. 

I was trying to think of a title. I don't like to title artworks because part of me thinks the image should be enough and further explanations shouldn't sway the perception of the viewer. But as for blog posts I try to come up with some sort of title just as a description of what I post. I wasn't having any luck thinking of anything so I asked Yip. 

Yip says it looks like a flower, a wild bug eating flower. So there you go..and if it changes your perception of what you see blame it on my son :) 

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  1. Beautiful Heather. What do you do with your art? Do you sell it or keep it for your home? I also love looking at the recap of your vacation. I sure wish I knew about blogging when my kids were smaller. So many good ideas.

    Talk soon.
    Kasse D.


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