Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lego Boats and hoping for Glory

My boys received their free Lego Club Magazine this week! Man what a hit it's been, they love getting this magazine! This month the mag featured Lego boats made by fellow Lego lovers. As soon as they saw that page my boys rushed downstairs to their pile of Legos. If other kids could get photos of their creations in the magazine why couldn't they? 

They worked and worked and begged me to take pictures of their boats before they left for school. 

Yip's boat full of Harry Potter figurines and weapons, ha, go figure. 

Hee hee. Yap and I tried taking a picture of him while looking in the camera.
I took 6 pictures and he blinked in every one! 

Yap's ship is much more like a warship which makes sense since he wants to be a soldier. 

The boys are very proud of their creations and so am I. I just love it when they get so excited about making something.  After posting I'm off to figure out how to submit their photos to the magazine. 

Oh, and not to be left out....

...Yahoo saw that her brothers were getting pictures with their toys and insisted on a pic of her and Barbie. 
Oh Barbie, when are you going to learn this isn't a nudist colony? 

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  1. um, I think Barbie's long lost nude friends are at my house. . .would you like me to ship them to you?!? lol


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