Monday, January 23, 2012

Marker Monday - Microwave Mystery

And just WHAT is so interesting in the microwave boys? 
It's not popcorn. It's not hot dogs. 
No, they aren't having a Peeps war.

I don't think I've ever seen Yip smile this much over food. 
It must be more exciting than merely something to eat. 

Cool!!! .... What is it?? 

An Ivory Soap Explosion of course! 

(one bar of soap from microwave. Only do a 1/4 at a time!) 

All you need is a bar of Ivory soap, I don't think any other brand will work, and a microwave. Cut the soap in fourths and one piece at a time put in the microwave, watch it grow and take it out when it's done. Ours took about 30 seconds but it may take longer depending on your microwave. It won't be too hot to touch and the boys enjoyed playing with it right away because it felt like foam. After it cooled though and you squeezed it then it turned to powder. 

So, what do you do with it now? 

I used a whole bar of soap to make homemade laundry detergent. 
(4 cups of bar soap grated or microwaved in this case, 2 cups of Borax and 2 cups of washing soda. Mix and use 1- 1/2 T per load of laundry.)

We also made Clean Mud! 

You need one bar of Ivory soap foamed in the microwave, a few sheets of toilet paper and 1/2 cup of water. 

After the soap has cooled mix the toilet paper and water with the soap and it will dissolve into the consistency of mud. You may need to add a bit more toilet paper to thicken it up. 

What a ball this was! And it felt like mud. I was getting kind of worried because there were bits of this mixture all over the carpet but after it tried it vaccumed up super easy. It looks like a mess, but it's only soap after all and we just tossed all the toys in at bathtime. Double duty! Use the soap on the toys to clean your kids. I thought it might chunk up on the tablecloth too but I threw it in the washer, but didn't add detergent, and it came out clean as a whistle! 

Clean Mud...a pretty fun, and clean, activity for a cold winter day. 


  1. That's pretty nifty mud that makes things cleaner after being all over them! Awesome idea to make laundry detergent! I'm pinning to share!

  2. Thanks for this Heather. Reminds me Sunday posts are important- even if I am reading it on Mon. I might be posting on the wrong post? I'd love to hear about what you are doing in 4-H. I'm our local leader. I'm always needing ideas.
    My partner Janie was wanting a recipe for laundy soap, so I'm going to send this to RWR facebook page. Have a great day and week!

    Kind Regards,
    Kasse D.

  3. This looks like so much fun. I would do this just to see it expand. Tell the boys they look like they had a lot of fun.


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