Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow - 52 Week Project

52 Week Project; week 2 - Snow 

I did these shots early in the week because I was afraid if I didn't there wouldn't be any snow to shoot. It's been awfully warm here this last week. 

f/11, 1/25 sec., ISO 1600
I've been missing the cool winter temps and have secretly been praying for another blizzard. Hey! We still need the moisture. Don't judge me. 

f/8, 1/80sec., ISO 1600
These photos are okay; I don't think there is anything exciting about them. 

Next week's assignment is Dirty. Shoot, I have three kids that one should be a breeze...well, at least I'll have lots of material to choose from :) 

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  1. Same here in MN with the no snow, You actually have more than we have right now!

    Last Monday a kid walked into the girls' gymnastics building and he looked so much like a 12 year old version of Yap!


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