Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest Post by DR; The Perils of the Mom Purse!

My husband DR kindly offered to write a guest post for my blog. Being the loving wife I humored his odd choice of purse. *sigh* I still love him, even after this post.

Purses! In my lifetime I have see my fair share of women's purses/assault weapons/accessories/dressers away from home. But all purses pale in comparison to the "Mom Purse"!

The requirement for a purse being designated a MOM PURSE are;
1. The purse must be carried by a mother of young children.
2. The purse has to be BIG enough to cover all occasions (i.e. makeup needs, banking needs, fallout shelter for a nuclear attack needs)
3. The purse has to be stylishly fashionable and match the person carrying it in all occasions.

A few months ago my wife, Prairie Mother, finally graduated from a normal size purse to a MOM PURSE. Let's examine this purse shall we?

1. It's black, so it goes well with anything.
2. It's BIG! Some examples of how big this purse is;
a) I can fit my head, arms and shoulders into this bag.
b) Small children can use it as a hiding place.
c) Goblins have started to move in. (Yes goblins! Since the Potter movies are done they had to find a new place to live.)

Yes, Yahoo is IN the purse! 

I know a lot of you are thinking I might be kind of critical. But what other things can we compare this purse to.

1. Black holes
2. Outer Space
3....Do I really need to go on?

So, the next time you are looking for a new purse, don't think about how it looks or makes you feel. Just think, "Can I fit my makeup inside? My assault weapons? A refugee camp of goblins?"

Observations offered up by DR


  1. I think DR needs to start his own blog!! Love Ya All!

  2. to be fair, mom purses DO have to be bigger in winter. You simply do not have enough hands for discarded mittens and hats AND replacement mittens and hats. Also snacks, pens (8 per child)hand sanitizer, yes make-up, and indeed a weapon...or just put a brick in the bottom and use the whole purse as a weapon (you may not even notice the extra weight of a brick anyway...)

  3. GREAT post!!! Love it. He has humor!

  4. Husbands may mock our 'mom purses' but who do they turn to when they need a bottle of water, a safety pin, a measuring tape, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer, or the occasional helpful goblin?

    Who ya gonna call? Mom's baggage!


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