Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wyatt Earp and the Horseshoe Cow

Betcha didn't know that we have a larger than life size statue of Wyatt Earp in the middle of Dodge City, KS.
But I betcha aren't surprised by that little tidbit of information either.  

I nice statue too, just a hint of a Kurt Russell influence. Or maybe Wyatt Earp influenced Kurt Russell? 

Betcha didn't know there is a cow made entirely of horseshoes in Dodge City too. I think of the two I'd rather have the horseshoe cow in my front yard though. 

Someday, when my kids are older and I can justify playing around with fire and hot metal with them, I'm going to learn to weld and fill my front yard with tacky yard art made from scrap metal. I once saw a pink flamingo sculpture whose body was made from the gas tank off a motorcycle. It was so cool! I want one. 

Ah, to have life goals! LOL 

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  1. Very cool Wyatt Earp and who knew Dodge City was so awesome to visit. "I'll be your huckleberry" is a favorite line of mine from the Wyatt Earp movie.


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