Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Yip and Yap!!!

My twins turned 7 this week!! Wow, how time has flown! No Preschool Lament here...I love how big my boys are! We aren't huge party people we just had a little celebration at home.

Now I know most of you aren't probably in birthday details, that's fine. This post is mostly for grandmas and grandpas out there. We sure miss sharing our birthday with you! You being any family member reading this post. (I really miss sharing birthdays with you because that leaves me with an entire sheet cake to eat myself!)

Onto the pics!
There they are! My 7 year olds! Keep growing boys because in just couple years you'll be big enough I can borrow your clothes. Yip has a really cool Spider Man shirt I'm dying to wear!! lol 

During school Yahoo and I made a sheet cake and after school they all helped to decorate with Runts candy complete with a big 7 for each of the boys.

Then I shooed them all to the basement to watch the movie Tangled (That horse cracks me up!) while I made their birthday dinner.  

At their request we ate pancakes and bacon for dinner.

Then on to the cake!!
Yip and Yap decided they wanted one big chocolate cake to share this year.
I offered to make them each a separate cake but they were more than happy to share.

Yip was up first to blow out the candles. I think he was afraid he'd blow out the candles too soon!
Then Yap! Use all that hot air!

Since Yip blew out the candles first Yap got to open his present first.
I tell you with twins it's a whole balancing act of fairness.

Using your teeth? I know I didn't tape it that well.

Ahh, sister to the rescue.

Yap exclaimed, "A marble maze!! JUST what I WANTED!"
Whew, music to Mama's ears.

He looks so innocent doesn't he?
In real life he's a raging ball of energy!

"Spider Man skateboard!! AWESOME!!"

Gifts worked out well this year. I've learned gift giving to twins can be kind of touchy. When they are young you have to give them the exact gift so there won't be any arguments. Sharing doesn't work either. That doesn't impress ANY twin.

But then they get to the age of 4 or 5 and their unique personalities are starting to grow. The same gifts just won't work any more. But then you have to find the balance where both gifts are equal, not necessarily in monetary value but in 'coolness' to the kid. In past years I've bombed where for example; Yap's gift was what both boys wanted and Yip's gift wasn't at all interesting. Jealousy ensues.

This year they were both very happy with their own gifts, thank goodness.

Their final celebration of the day is (fairness in everything) Yip moved to the bottom bunk and Yap moved to the top. Next year they'll switch again. I wonder how hold they'll be when they work out their own twin issues and I won't have to be the fairness referee anymore. I'm looking forward to THAT birthday!



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