Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freaky Art

Artists are freaks. 

No doubt about it...artists think on a totally different level than other people. 
I think of myself as an artist, maybe not too freaky but still somewhat artistic. I can appreciate beauty and creativity in a lot of different types of art. 

Like Lady Gaga! I just love her artistry. She's weird no question about that but I still can respect her as an artist while at the same time being just a bit freaked out by  her. 

I like sharing freaky art too. Here's a couple I ran across recently. 

Isn't that a gorgeous wreath? 
Yeah, I'd hang that in my house. 
It would make a wonderful autumn decoration don't you think? 

Eeewwww! Made with human hair? 
I pull hair out of my brush all the time but for some reason a wreath made of human hair gives me the willies? 
Why? I don't know....but now I feel like the wreath would be better on a grave marker than a wall. But I gotta give it up to Mrs. George Stauth...she was pretty resourceful! is...death? Is that what the artist is saying here? 
Foreshadowing to Botox perhaps? 


  1. That picture is kind of cool! But the hair wreath freaks me out too!

  2. I am really enjoying all the posts from our time out there! It is like reliving the good times. Thanks also for the rodeo program, it will go great in my scrapbook which I plan to start today!

    Love to you all,
    Melinda Sue


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