Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mountain Bike...for all you husbands out there, come take a look!

While we were at the canyon over the weekend, there were TONS of mountain bikers! We were constantly having to step off the trail to let them by. It was awesome watching them zoom by but I don't know how they did it. It was rough terrain. I'd have rather ran the trails than rode a bike. (Of course lots of people think I'm crazy for that.)

I didn't think their bikes were anything special but DR saw a few of them and thought they were really impressive. Which says a lot considering DR hardly rides his bike. But he's a guy and he's knows about this stuff. So he had to explain to me what was so awesome about this bike. I'm sure any guys out there who may read this blog will be much more impressed with this bike than I was because I just really don't know what it is I'm looking at here. 

Here we see the bike's hydraulic disc the kind of brakes found on your car. 

And it has a pivoted rear end with a shock absorber which allows for a lot more cushion on rough terrain. 
In short, less bouncing on your bum. 

DR says this costs more than his first three vehicles combined....and you still have to pedal it!  
Retail it cost $4500...but lucky for this guy he was able to buy it 60% off. Odd that a total stranger shared such must be a guy thing. 

(do the math....mmmm)

WHOA! That's $1800..and that's without tax! 

(more math....mmmm)

With tax it's $1926! Holy Cow!! That's a heck of a lot for a bike!
Okay, now I'm much more impressed with this bike. 

  So, are you impressed? How much would you spend on a bike? Me? Probably about $20! But...I don't ride bikes. On the other hand I'd easily put down a couple hundred for a great pair of running shoes. 

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