Thursday, August 11, 2011


This little guy was a great model at Monument Rock. He just sat there on a yucca plant for the longest time while my mom and I took photos of him. 


  1. Probably the prettiest grasshopper I've ever seen! Great photo!

  2. You can't post a picture like that without telling me what lens you used!!! That is an amazing shot.

  3. Jester6...I still only have the lens that came with my camera (18-35mm). 1/125 and f13 and ISO 800.

    I'm thinking about buying a new lens. I've found one on Amazon, a 35-200 mm lens...any lens suggestions?

  4. WOW! The picture is very clear and close up for only having the one lens. I really like my 35-200mm. Although. . .another football mom showed up this week with one that goes to 300mm! Ya, I'm jealous of a football mom's lens. :)


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